UK Column News - 27th May 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Nigel Farage: a hero once again…?
Will Farage now deliver Brexit or did we leave on 29 March 2019…?
BBC attacked for ‘biased’ Euro election coverage…
Alastair Campbell accuses Farage of taking ‘Russian money’
Campbell’s EU paper in every UK supermarket – where does the money come from…?
Eurosceptics are in the ascendency in Europe now
US Devin Nunes: ask prime minister May about British knowledge of Steele dossier
Russian interference in US election or interference by British intelligence…?
Russia Gate…or is it Britain Gate…?
13:32 – US Mike Pompeo: action taken to deter ‘Iranian aggression’
Saudi Arabia secures $8 billion-plus in weapon sales from USA
Houthis in Yemen mis-labelled as ‘Iranian’ backed forces
Truthdig: John Bolton’s nefarious plot for war with Iran
Israel passed intelligence to the White House on ‘possible’ Iran plot
Open letter to President Trump on US tensions with Iran signed by retired vets & diplomats
21:45 – US DOJ: 17 new indictments against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange
21 Wire article: US Department Of Justice declares ‘War on Journalism’
Alan Rusbridger: US Espionage Act has never been used to prosecute a media organisation
This is an attack on the First Amendment of the US Constitution
30:38 – EU media censorship: first strike Poland – complaint sent to EU Court of Justice
Poland’s complaint has global implications for freedom of speech
33:04 – British Army: 77th Brigade – how to apply
The Register: 77th Brigade can’t even brainwash civvies to meet recruitment targets
34:43 – Britain leads EU defence: HMS Albion leaves Plymouth for the Baltic Sea
Brexit (no exit) – British military assets are still tied into EU Defence Union
Will Farage finally bring this matter up following recent EU vote success…?
38:48 – The truth is out there: Navy Pilots report unexplained flying objects
This is a History Channel article designed to drum up viewers
TV channels now writing ‘news’ articles to market their programming