UK Column News - 27th March 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Vanessa Beeley for today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Brexit: not leaving the EU would produce a democratic & constitutional crisis
European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018: exit day means 29 March 2019 at 11pm…
Andrea Leadsom - Leader of HoC: change to leave date is ‘irreversible’
Treason May’s letter enough to change International Law & take precedent over UK Law…?
Baroness Evans: on 29 March our Statute Book will not function correctly…
Where does our sovereignty lie…in Britain or with the EU…?
This government of occupation now tells us our Constitution means nothing
Sovereignty lies with the people, not with the government…
Government now operating beyond its authority – a Civil war was fought for divine rights
Is this session of Parliament even legitimate…?
European Research Group (ERG) has now capitulated and will accept May’s deal
Steve Baker MP chair of ERG: admitted there is a political elite who don’t want to leave
10:00 – Syria: North East still tense, US building up troops and equipment…?
Many western journalists are also in the North East…
Syrian Defence Force (anti-Assad) now merging with ISIS…?
Western media claims that ISIS is defeated…
Refugee camps are becoming occupied cities of extremists – people are desperate to leave
Another chemical attack comes from terrorist-held area – silence from MainStream Media
20:08 – Iraq: Ex-head of Royal Navy admits being told UK would invade 9 months in advance
‘People were looking for a Casus Belli they could discuss in Parliament’
Mind the Gap: military madness or cognitive dissonance…?
The government of occupation: an overview
26:14 – Jeremy Hunt’s article on Yemen: £200 million – the price of doing business
Yemen’s ‘internationally recognised government’ - a completely erroneous claim
Hunt’s claims are fake: Yemen already has a constitutionally recognised government
31:50 – The free press: EU passes Article 11 and Article 13
All content-linking to be controlled: EU wants total control over content…
33:36 – ICC attempting to prosecute Syria’s President Assad
ICC trying to circumvent non-signatory nations…to prevent peaceful resolutions
Jordan may be the weak-link in the ICC’s plans…
38:45 – UK Column front page: essential reading on British Constitution and more
5G talk taking place tonight at the Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle at 19:30
Tomorrow at Newcastle Crown Court: Mark Steele hearing taking place at 10:00
Lyn Thyer extradition hearing (part 2): The Strand, London 28 March at 10:00
5G talk in Cardigan, Wales: 29 March at 19:00
41:04 – Wales takes next step to end the physical punishment of children
Planned Bill will do this by ‘abolishing the Common Law defence...’
UN is at the forefront of this Bill: UN creating UK policy…
Wales is not protecting children – it has turned a blind-eye to the abuse of children…
46:32 – Standing up for abused children: John Wedger interviews Wilfred Wong
IICSA has been pressured to accept testimony from John Wedger
Scottish and Welsh establishment trying to get control of children