UK Column News - 27th March 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Ellis for today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Skripal ‘poisoning’: could have, may have, might…
British Government are lying to the public
05:26 – Estonia: During the Cold War everyone knew the rules…
09:45 – Porton Down: now busy producing Titanium
11:14 – Daily Star propaganda: Russian strike on UK ‘would kill 8 million’
13:41 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
13:55 – Global Cities agenda: upcoming Sheffield Mayoral election
16:39 – UKC article: Global Parliament of Mayors and abolition of the electorate
17:17 – Facebook chief ‘won’t appear’ before MPs fake news inquiry
18:05 – RUSI: Rolling up Russia’s red money carpet in the UK...
City of London: the heart of financial corruption since inception in 1694
22:13 – Global financial centres index 2018: City of London at the top…
23:29 – Is Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr waking up…?
Deep State & EU military union is the link she is missing...
32:32 – Brexit smokescreen being used to conceal closer EU ties & TTIP v2
34:53 – Veterans for Britain: Ex-officers warn of defence giveaway with Brexit
Lee Rotherham: ‘A nation that contracts out its defence has ceased to be’
40:43 – Veterans for Britain put the EU pieces together
Concern for British fishermen or another smokescreen…?
43:35 – NHS: Patients not told about doctors’ big pharma conflicts of interest...
Treason May cares for the NHS by bringing in an NHS tax
45:00 – NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham