UK Column News - 27th June 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – The Spectator: Maymania – explaining Treason May’s appeal
02:10 – OPCW: decision day on ‘attributing responsibility’ for chemical attacks
04:52 – Russia: Sergey Lavrov, John Bolton to meet in Moscow on June 27
Financial Times: Trump-Putin summit looms but exectations are low…
MainStream Media being deliberately kept in the dark about the meeting…?
07:28 – Alternative View 9 DVDs available for pre-order
07:43 – Melanie Shaw still in prison...25 days past her release date…
Melanie Shaw postcard appeal going well
10:07 – Prince William in Israel: handshake with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas
UK Aid: water aid but no mention of Israel destroying Palestinian water supplies
13:01 – UK Column viewer senses BBC propaganda: ‘transformation’ missing
British MPs: tax over 40s for old age care…
BBC drives the NHS privatisation wedge...who are report providers Laing Buisson…?
Laing Buisson providing information for ONS…how independent are they…?
Healthcare intelligence to assist profits…who are the staff of Laing Buisson…?
Age UK: charity involved in politics – who are the staff…?
Future Care Capital: delivery of unified health and care provision
24:18 – Daily Telegraph: Cabinet at war over ‘Project Fear mark two’
26:01 – NATO: joint air power strategy – Russia still in the crosshairs
28:23 – Tony Blair speaks at Chatham House…and on BBC Radio 4 (again)
Blair: determined to have a second Brexit referendum…
British government operates beyond their authority, without Parliamentary oversight
31:24 – Health ‘experts’ - all primary school kids ‘should get sex cancer vaccine’
‘Expert’ Dr Lucy-Jane Davis: vaccinate boys and girls while they are young
Doctor Davis Twitter page: free advertising for Merck Gardasil vaccine…
Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust: who is Rob Music…?
UK Column calls the charity, asks for source research to support these claims
Daily Telegraph: teenage girl dies five days after receiving HPV vaccine jab
Independent: thousands of teenage girls report feeling seriously ill after HPV jab
Gardasil works except when it doesn’t…Gardasil safe except when it’s not