UK Column News - 27th June 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Ellis from Strategic Defence Initiatives for today's news, including:

START    A defence of realism : the truth knows no half measures…
2:47    Is the Media beginning to see things a little more clearly?
3:28    Osborne & May lurk in the shadows like grim vultures
4:51    propagandistic doomsayers belittle the UK economy
6:43    relationship between TTIP & the EU Referendum
8:35    a destabalised Britain is the exact agenda at work
9:52    subversive perspectives revealed in twittersphere
12:48    Brexit vote watered down to stabalise the State?
15:36    a dissection of the EU psychological operation
18:24    the State of the Parties & leaders of disrepute
23:07    a tramp with a pound is richer than the UK
27:18    instigation of a London separatist movement
29:56    Boris pledges to intensify integration with EU
32:34    project Syndicate features the intrigues of Soros
35:12    Brexit thoughts from within British Armed Forces
36:28    EU security integration drive accelerates post Brexit
39:47    It is time to open up a rational dialogue with Russia.
43:21    rapid intensification of pernicious European Agenda