UK Column News - 27th January 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – Corona virus media hysteria continues – be very afraid…
Daily Mail: is the killer virus here…?
Similar advice handed out as for the Novichok nerve agent but not baby wipes…?
How the Daily Mail spins the headline but…no UK confirmed cases
Daily Mail propagandises corona virus information to increase public fear
Daily Mail health reporter: meet John Naish
Corona outbreak is uncomfortably close to the plot of the 2011 film Contagion
Climate change and compulsory vaccination also linked to Corona virus outbreak…
Corona virus – the real question: a natural virus or a man-made leak…?
24:38 – Brexit: special 50p coin to be minted in celebration
25:54 – Labour leadership contest: Kier Starmer currently leading the race
Starmer calls for a Citizens’ Assembly – just like Extinction Rebellion…
28:18 – Five Powers Summit: Russian President Putin calls for preservation of civilisation
France’s Macron seems to agree…
Russia’s Peskov: we cannot solve them (the problems facing us) alone
30:15 – ‘Smart’ motorways: 38 killed on ‘smart’ motorways in the last five years
Hard shoulders removed on ‘smart’ motorways – what could possibly go wrong…?
AA is to stop its mechanics attending breakdown calls on ‘smart’ motorways
34:14 – London’s Met Police: live facial recognition is a crime-fighting tool…
£100 million X-Ray scanners being trialled in prisons – shopping centres to follow…?
Government also pushing through drone legislation to enforce ‘illegal’ drone use