UK Column News - 27th January 2016

THE INSTITUTE OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 26th January 2016: Closure Of UK Coal And Nuclear Plants To Create Electricity Supply Gap Of Up To 55% By 2025

STV NEWS (Scotland) 26th January 2016: MSPs To Debate Bid To Legalise Incest Between Consenting Adults

BBC NEWS (Scotland Politics) 26th January 2016: MSP Throw Out Petition On Legalising Adult Incest

INDEPENDENT 26th January 2016: SCOTTISH Parliament Has To Consider Legalising Incest Due To Loophole In The Devolution Agreement

THE SCOTSMAN 23rd January 2016: MSPs To Consider 'Abhorrent Call To Legalise Incest

EXARO 26th January 2016: JANET SMITH Clashes With DJ 'A7' Over Abuse Inquiry At BBC TOTP DJ's Lawyers Threaten Ex-Judge Over Report On Sexual Attacks By JIMMY SAVILE

UK COLUMN NEWS 27th January 2016: Letter From Viewer (Shown And Read) On EMMERDALE (TV Soap) Storyline/Script, Father Raped Son Begginning At The Tender Age Of 8 Years Old, Father Accuses Son Of (Unproven) False Memory Syndrome (Sinister Use Of TV Soap To Belittle Child Sexual Abuse Victims). Skulduggery At Play.

BBC NEWS (Magazine) 11th January 2016: A Point Of View: Who Should Sit In The House Of Lords?

THE CONSTITUTION UNIT No Publish Date Found 2016: Governments Defeats In The House Of Lords
Summary Tables And Voting Records Are Recorded For Every Session Since 2005-06. Defeats From Preceding Sessions Can Be Reached By Clicking On The Tabs Below. The Column On The Right Shows The Number Of Votes The Government Was Beaten By. To See Details Of A Defeat, Click The Relevant Line Of The Table And This Will Bring Up A Report Showing The Number Of Votes Cast For And Against, And Lists Of Voters (In Both Cases Broken Down By Party).

INDEPENDENT 20th January 2016: BRITISH EMPIRE Compared To 'ISIS On Steroids' After UK Public Says It Is 'Proud' Of Colonial Past

THE GUARDIAN 20th January 2016: EMPIRE STATE Of Mind - Why Do So Many People Think Colonialism Was A Good Thing?

MAIL ONLINE 27th January 2016: Revealed: The Incredibly Close Links Between GOOGLE And DOWNING STREET (Prime Minister's Residence) That Go Back Decades

MIRROR 27th January 2016: TONY BLAIR Warns Quitting European Union Will Trigger Break-Up Of The UK (It's The EU That Has Shattered Us Already We Need To Leave To Repair All Of It's Damage It Has Inflicted Upon Us) ...[BLAIR Told] FRANCEs Europe1 Radio "The Consequences Of Leaving The EU Would Be “Extremely Serious (If We Remain In The EU) For The UK, Not Only In Terms Of EUROPE But Also Internally"
The Ex-Labour Leader Added: “In My Opinion, If The UK Votes To Leave EUROPE, SCOTLAND Will Vote To Leave The UK.”


BREITBART 26th January 2016: Outrage As Labour MP Claims WWII Soldiers 'Fought For The EUROPEAN Project'

THE GUARDIAN 26th January 2016: Mindfulness: The Craze Sweeping Through Schools Is Now At A University Near You

MINDFUL NATION UK Report by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG) October 2015: The Mindfulness Initiative Provides The Secretariat To The Group ( (43-section PDF Link)

MiSP (Mindfulness In School Projec) 20th October 2015: MiSP: Mindfulness In Schools For The Flourishing Of (Impressionable) Young Minds

UNITED NATIONS Replacement Migration UN SEARCH. DEVELOPMENT POPULATION DIVISION · Department Of Economic And Social Affairs ... Capacity Development · International Migration Stock: The 2015 revision. (Livestock? Initial press release is dated 2000!)

THE (Society) 25th January 2016: Rural GERMANY An 'Integration Laboratory' For Refugees

SPIEGEL ONLINE POLITIK 12th January 2016: Flüchtlingspolitik: Osteuropäer verhöhnen "politische Korrektheit" der Deutschen (Slovak PM Robert Fico mocks German government treatment of migrants as "almost a protected species")

CHARLTON GAZETTE-MAIL 29th December 2015: Gazette Editorial: West VIRGINIA’s Dwindling Population

21st CENTURY WIRE 25th January 2016: Eugenics WMD: ZIKA Virus Prompts Disturbing New Call For ‘No Child Policy’ (with link to Washington Post story)

BBC NEWS (Europe) 25th January 2016: 'PUTIN Is Corrupt' Says US Treasury (American pots and Russian kettles?)

AWD NEWS 25th January 2016: President PUTIN: RUSSIA Will Bomb SAUDI ARABIA Back To The Stone Age Life Unless RIYADH Desists From Supporting Terrorism (Bogus news)

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 24th January 2016: Former MI5 Officer To Say Agency Knew About Torture In GUANTANAMO BAY

REUTERS (Canada) 24th January 2016: Former Spy (Officer) Seeks To Show UK Knew Of GUANTANAMO Torture

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 25th January 2016: Authoritarianism Is The Norm In FRANCE (and not in the UK or U.S.?)

LES (Politque) 22nd January 2016: L'état d'urgence serait prolongé de trois mois (Constitution suspended during the President's Pleasure)

THE HERALD (Plymouth) 26th January 2016: Four CORNWALL Schools Evacuated Amid Co-ordinated Security Threat

THE HERALD (Plymouth) 25th January 2016: 28 Unidentified Dead Bodies Held By PLYMOUTH's Police (What's going on with coroners and doctors?)

DW (Made For Minds) 2016: Online Anti-Refugee Posts Lead To Offline Visits By DUTCH Police (Even the Germans are shocked)

(The Secret Life Of Angela Merkel) (in Communist East Germany)
14th May 2013 Author Günther Lachmann