UK Column News - 27th February 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Pakistan in conflict with India…? Remarkable timing…
Imran Khan calls for urgent talks
Mail Online: Assad’s ‘regime’ bombardment – report comes from white helmets
Journalistic hypocrisy: no comment on many civilian deaths in Mosul and Raqqa…
MainStream Media cannot be trusted – it is tangible propaganda
5:31 – US President Trump arrives in Vietnam to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong-un
MainStream Media continues the propaganda drive with anti-Kim stories
Michael Cohen giving evidence to Congress today against Trump: great timing again…
8:56 – Treason May at the LAS-EU summit: study of a black sheep
14:08 – Alternative View 9.1 DVDs now available from UK Column website
15:14 – March 2015: untimely death of Quentin Duckworth still not investigated
17:46 – Australia: Catholic Cardinal Pell found guilty of child sexual abuse
News Corp columnists declare Cardinal Pell innocent and ‘a scapegoat’
For many years Cardinal Pell has refused to return and face these charges
Treason May allowed GCHQ chief to resign after helping paedophile priest avoid jail
Treason May and her government concealed all of this from the British public…
The London Economic: May & Amber Rudd suppress Westminster child abuse documents
Ex-Met Detective John Wedger’s files ‘lost’ by Westminster – blackmail continues…?
29:35 – Chris Williamson Labour MP: party is too apologetic over ‘anti-semitism’
Criticism of Israel and Israeli foreign policy is not anti-semetic…
How much power and influence does Israel have over the UK, the USA & many others
MainStream Media propaganda is that Russia is interfering…Israel is never mentioned
Anti-semitism everywhere in Europe…?
This is being used as the biggest shutdown of free speech, debate and discourse
Even Jewish people who criticise Israel are outcast as ‘self-hating Jews’...
Book recommendation: Gerard Menuhin – Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil
36:32 – Facial recognition in a Police state:
Police stop people from covering their faces from facial recognition camera
UN Chronicle: Towards an Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
42:08 – The Wonderful World of British TV: media consolidation in Britain
44:38 – British MPs are a front for Bill Gates and the Pharmaceutical Industry
MPs to investigate resurgence of anti-vaccine movement – who are GAVI…?
Who are the Results organisation…?