UK Column News - 27th February 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column

START – Defence of the Realm: France will now protect us…
02:21 – The Bruges Group: EU defence includes UK even after Brexit
04:09 – Policy Exchange: Met Police ‘foil four right-wing extremist plots’
07:27 – Met Police child abuse whistleblower: awareness walk update
15:55 – Former Policing Minister Mike Penning MP comments
18:29 – Independent Office for Police Conduct – who are they…?
21:22 – BBC: Too busy with ‘selfie’ time for abuse whistleblowers
25:45 – Government announces Trusted Relationship Fund…
27:47 – Early Intervention Foundation – run by a cartel…?
31:29 – Syria: Voices from Syria report 2018...hypocrisy on show…?
36:15 – UK Column article: In Pursuit of Fairness
36:40 – Iran ‘must be held accountable for violations in Yemen’
38:57 – Boris: Bomb them all (regardless of any evidence…)