UK Column News - 27th April 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START – CoronaVirus statistics update
Boris is back on the streets: this is the moment of maximum CV risk
Public locked down = public locked up
Who was Boris really speaking to…?
EuroMomo website changed within hours of UK Column news bulletin last week…
EuroMomo website shows that only England has not passed the CV peak…?
CV ‘second-wave’ due to arrive here or just another chance to increase lockdown…?
BBC & government warns public not to pay attention to CV info from friends & family
Hospitals still not showing signs of being overwhelmed
Used for Aids: are CV death figures being manufactured to justify lockdown control…?
Off Guardian article: the seven-step path from pandemic to totalitarianism
20:51 – Economy: US ‘Federal Reserve’ money-printing jumps to $205B just last week
Bank of England also money-printing – wants more inflation…
Bank of England to directly finance UK government’s extra spending
Oil: Saudi Arabia sends 50 million barrels of oil to the US to attack shale oil market
29:05 – Surveillance: major increase in surveillance a ‘price worth paying’…?
Teflon Tony’s thinktank produces the report…CV seen as an ideology
UK Column receives comment on 77 Brigade from whistleblower with former links
77 Brigade expanded via Cabinet Office with Google, Twitter, Facebook and others
Who regulates the spying activity of 77 Brigade on the UK public…?
BBC News busy pushing out Teflon Tony’s agenda…
Integrity Initiative – where are they now…?
UK Column article: the British military information war waged on their own population
39:28 – Alternative View 11 livestream details now available on UKC website
Ian R. Crane moved to cottage hospital
40:55 – WHO (October 2019): little or no evidence for social distancing…
March 2014: brain-damaged UK victims of swine flu vaccine to get £60m compensation
Italian politician Dr Laura Bulgano reads out shocking analysis of vaccine ingredients
44:56 – Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon’s CV response sounds like Common Purpose…
Scotland to become collectivist and communitarian…?
BBC: new ‘stirring up’ hate crime legislation put forward by Liberty
The Conservative Woman article: hate crime tyranny of the Sturgeon Taliban
Wellbeing was never defined…now hate crime also has no legal definition
Sturgeon’s CV framework deliberately constrains people’s minds and limits options
This is classic brainwashing
50:08 - Ireland: TUSLA censored death certificate so it ‘can’t be found’ 
TUSLA: a callous organisation at best – sinister is a better word