UK Column News - 26th September 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – UN General Assembly: President Trump speaks to the UN
President Trump declares war on globalism…?
US focus moving on to Iran and the eradication of ‘terrorists’
Britain grants asylum to 100 white helmet ‘rescuers’ and relatives
Craig Murray article: Importing Jihadi terror to the UK – Cui Bono…?
The real purpose – to increase tension and increase Police presence…?
11:24 – MainStream Media: the world laughs at Donald Trump…
13:00 – Media on Trial event: 28 October – Liverpool
14:00 – UK being sold off: defence chief wants deeper military union with French
Franco British Council – a ‘charity’ running everything behind the scenes
Chequers ‘mistake’ - European Defence Fund becomes European Development Fund
Leave Means Leave conference: question from Justin Walker on British Armed Forces
British Constitution Group & New Chartist Movement news
Most questions at the conference were pre-planned in advance
The main people involved in Leave Means Leave are connected with NM Rothschild
The Chartist Movement: the six main requirements
34:16 – IICSA: Speak to Melanie Shaw…? You expect us to break into the prison…?
Child sex abuse victims in Cornwall to take part in national inquiry
No suggestion of investigating perpetrators…certain victims are deliberately ignored
Hope for Justice asked to look into Melanie Shaw case
Sabine McNeill update: child abuse campaigner still held in HMP Bronzefield