UK Column News - 26th June 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – UK’s most advanced fighter jets complete missions from Akrotiri
Penny Mordaunt in Cyprus for meeting: EU defence union needs all pillars in place
No F-35s are flying from Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier…
04:38 – Royal Navy Marines ‘scrawl Nazi swastika on chest of comrade’ during initiation
First Sea Lord Radakin wants to create a ‘Future Commando Force’ - jam tomorrow…?
NATO exercise finishes in Romania, NATO Defence Minster’s meeting begins in Brussels
NATO also looking at space warfare – Federica Mogherini will be present   
Stoltenberg: we must address Russia’s continued violation of INF treaty on SS18 missiles
Johnny Mercer MP: George Soros and David Milliband helping to shape UK military policy
Daily Mail: Soros is ‘moving funding to western Europe’ in response to ‘far right’…
Soros’ Open Society Foundation: who is Co-Director Goran Buldioski…?
Soros’ OSF is spending billions in all areas of public life – who voted for him…?
19:49 – World Drug Day 2019: opium production second largest ever…
US opioid overdose deaths 2017: 70,237
24:43 – Police turn to Hollyoaks to help combat ‘neo-Nazi’ groups
Nazis are everywhere...apparently – Hollyoaks being used to brainwash viewers
TV soaps are not a reflection of societal problems, they are the driver…
Counter Terrorism Policing UK: creating suspicion everywhere
Oxford couple found guilty of sending money to their son in Syria: terrorism…?
31:25 – Hong Kong: Chinese extradition protests continue
Jeremy Hunt: we remain very concerned with this ‘violence’
The Hunt hypocrisy: no such condemnation of French police action against yellow vests
35:03 – Telegraph: measles outbreak in Dutch village with low vaccination levels
The subtle message: if you are religious, you must be anti-vaccination…
No research, no investigation, no statistics by the Telegraph journalist
UK Column article: Dutch minister – have you got a named person up your sleeve…?
37:54 – Mirror: man who refuses to register son’s birth loses court battle
Justice Hayden: couple’s decision based on beliefs about personal ‘sovereignty’…
Lord Chief Justice: trolls who abuse judges on social media should be prosecuted
41:12 – Lyn Thyer is safe and well