UK Column News - 26th July 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – International trade: Liam Fox tells lies
Almost 400,000 more UK children & 300,000 pensioners now in poverty
China has almost wiped out urban poverty but Britain’s productivity falls
Fox speaks of free trade but then talks about interdependency & globalisation
Britain imports 50% of its fruit and vegetable requirements…
Treason May’s plan: scrap the Common Agricultural Policy
State pension deficit: £5.2 Trillion…are pensioners being phased out…?
10:34 – We decide who lives and who dies…and only we
Holland: euthanasia – the culling of dementia patients
Boris: Conservative state executioner – beyond authority
19:48 – F-35 fighter makes use of vertical landing pad for first time
Pad only made in Germany but who made the deck of our new aircraft carrier…?
US moves closer to outright ban on F-35 sales to Turkey but
British F-35 engines must be sent to Turkey for overhaul…
24:23 – BBC: paying out £850,000 in costs to Sir Cliff Richard
This case makes free reporting far more difficult from now on
26:42 – The Sun: sizzling temperatures cause plague of rats, sharks and toxic air
HoC audit committee: Heatwaves – adapting to climate change…
Summer sun: barbecues are far too dangerous…
BBC: a stunning scientific discovery – it’s hot working in overalls
BBC: UK heatwave 2018 – why is it so hot…?
David Schukman – BBC science editor speaks utter nonsense
BBC producer: who is Emily Wolstencroft…?
BBC pumps out more fear on the back the ‘global warming’ fraud
BBC death cult cheers the heatwave
BBC fake news or government propaganda…?
Committee on Climate Change – be cool…we’re independent
Advising government policy & corporations to make money from that policy…?
Carbon tax – it’s all about the money…
Behavioural insights: the public are having their thoughts manipulated
Heatwave fact: it was hotter in June when Victoria was on the throne…
44:27 – Babywipes at the ready…Newcastle disease is coming