UK Column News - 26th July 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & Alex Thomson, including: START Dame Lin Homer & Theresa May : vile Guises of Destruction 04:27 ‘Somebody pour me a stiff whiskey! What a bloody awful place!’ 07:31 Mail retractions & corrections after slurs of Brexiteers as racists 10:14 Sector of Intrigue : Tax-Exempt Foundations in 1950s America 12:07 Pseudo-Islamic attacks in France : Priest killed within his church 18:21 A Bavarian Interior Minister & a ‘Syrian Migrant’ killed in blast 20:12 Transnational Transhumanism & ‘International Human Rights’ 22:09 Issuance of currency & the Role of Central Banks in digital cash 25:43 War Games & resurgence of German aggression toward Russia 27:31 Syrian Beheadings of Children : Baroness Prasher & EU Fascism 29:12 Report – Joint Inquiry into children who go ‘Missing’ from care 35:23 A broad front of psychological operations & Europe propaganda 37:15 William Engdahl : behind a desperate attempted CIA coup d’etat 41:23 Book Spot from Alex Thomson - Darkness at Noon by A. Koestler 42:04 ‘An extremely brave’ Metropolitan detective constable speaks out