UK Column News - 26th February 2020

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish with today's UK Column News.

START – BBC non-news: no interest in IICSA child abuse report
Lib Dem peer Lord Steel quits party after Westminster child sexual abuse report
IICSA: MPs including Cyril Smith and Sir Peter Morrison were ‘protected from prosecution’
IICSA: senior police officers thwarted investigation into Smith because case was ‘too political’
Evidence shows political parties protected politicians rather than welfare of children
Child abusers in Westminster protected by powerful political figures, the CPS & the police
IICSA: we found no evidence of a paedophile ring after outing a paedophile ring…
IICSA found no evidence because they failed to interview many abuse survivors
Met police whistleblower John Wedger’s witness evidence not included in report
Some survivor groups refused to take part as they knew the inquiry would be a cover-up
Police investigations into Edward Heath ignored by inquiry – the inquiry is a whitewash
14:26 – Fusion Doctrine: Boris launching a review to define the UK’s place in the world
Integrated Review main players: Europhile Sir Alex Ellis and British king Mark Sedwill
19:41 – Britain commits to new nukes ‘to defend against the most extreme threats’
It is very obvious that MPs are not involved in policy debate any longer
21:23 – NATO exercise Dynamic Manta has begun in the Mediterranean
22:37 – MH17 Awaiting Trial event: 3 March, Conway Hall, London WC1
Updates on Julian Assange trial available via 21st Century Wire website
23:38 – BBC fake news: Budget 2020 – Chancellor must raise taxes in first budget says IFS
IFS: a look at the ‘independent’ Institute for Fiscal Studies
BBC: silence on Soros’ links to judges on the European Court on Human Rights…
29:35 – Meet the Remembrancer – there to protect the central banks from legislation
Daily Mirror article by Ross Wynne Jones is well worth a read
Who really profited when Gordon Brown sold off half the nation’s gold reserve…?
34:00 – OFCOM: 5G is completely safe…
OFCOM appear to be involved in a huge conflict of interest
OFCOM’s testing was really done on what should be called 4.5G – true 5G not tested
BBC rolls out smear story against groups who have concerns over 5G network safety
OFCOM consultation: why is a consultation needed if the EMF levels are so low…?
Where does OFCOM’s tech knowledge come from – they don’t appear to have any tech staff…?