UK Column News - 25th October 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit delayed again
EU is still completely controlling the British democratic process…
Confusion and stitch up: Google controls search results on Brexit
Google sees BBC and The Guardian as the best sources for Brexit news
Globalist Google is completely biased and not just on Brexit…
06:25 – Media: Cairncross Review explores intervention to protect press
OFCOM on the BBC: younger viewers not listening to MSM any longer
09:37 – Defence Committee speaks to new Defence Secretary Ben Wallace
A quarter of the Royal Navy’s 76 ships are inoperable…
Was Ben Wallace being entirely honest with the Defence Committee…?
Royal Navy: Type 45 Destroyer is more than just a ship…it is a symbol
17:52 – Alternative View 10.1 Conference on Sunday in London will be livestreamed
18:28 – Madeleine Moon MP: how can we protect conflict-zone children…?
Asylum-seeking children are going missing from UK care at an alarming rate…
It is being made much easier for unaccompanied children to come to the UK
Parliament is not interested in these missing children…
IICSA child abuse enquiry: a complete whitewash and cover-up
24:48 – It’s world UN day: empires continue to be built…
26:11 – Sochi 2019 conference with Africa: 500 deals done worth $12 billion so far
Russia also writes off more than $20 billion of African debt from the Soviet era
Is this a clue why NATO is getting so interested in sub-Saharan Africa…?
What is the relationship between the EU and NATO: gender in military ops…?
Are women being used to soften the military approach to killing…?
EU Military Committee meets November 2019 – EU military union continues…
NATO Defence Ministers meetings continue: NE Syria the main subject
Russia’s President Putin and Turkey’s President Erdogan just did a deal on Syria
US President Trump wants to remove US troops from the Middle East
34:30 – UN expert: world must take firm action to end Israel’s occupation
Times of Israel chastises Michael Lynk for ‘long-held and public anti-Israel bias’
38:06 – Moscow Times: Russia is ‘deeply European’, France’s Macron says in Russian
Macron: we must develop a security and trust architecture between the EU and Russia
July 2013: EU should extend further into former Soviet Union says David Cameron
1991: Eduard Shevardnadze says almost the same thing
1992: Mikhail Gorbachev confirms again…
44:35 – Viewer assistance request: new poster campaign encouraging sterilisation