UK Column News - 25th November 2019

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: 2019 election manifestos released by Tories and Labour
Online harms appears in both manifestos but no protection for journalists…?
Julian Assange still in maximum security prison and very unwell
2015: UN rules Assange is subject to arbitrary detention
2019 political manifestos: no mention of UK’s future defence union with EU
Labour still pushing the Russian ‘interference’ narrative & climate change
No clarity from either party on EU defence union – the plan quietly continues
EU defence union: military procurement will be centralised and streamlined
How will this affect Britain’s military industries…?
The Brexit Party states it will withdraw from EU defence union
Has Nigel Farage finally awoken to the danger…?
EU Military Committee met last week
EU-NATO cooperation will be discussed at NATO leaders meeting on 3 December
Russian President Putin: seriously concerned about NATO approaching our borders
Fake news: ‘Russian aggression’ while NATO pushes eastward at an alarming rate…
31:24 – UN Security Council meets on Syria: sparks fly on UK’s support of terrorists
UK’s statement at UNSC is hypocrisy on a grand scale…
21 Wire article: Evidence of Turkey’s war crimes in Syria & ISIS members in its ranks
BBC: UK foreign aid money ‘diverted to extremists’ in Syria
UK government’s hypocrisy is an open secret: Skripal, OPCW, Russian meddling
Treason May launched a military strike before any investigations even took place…
38:55 – Hague bureau chief Danny Kemp: more fake news from AFP
Kemp’s remarks are factually incorrect and very misleading
40:56 – Global Magnitsky: will the UK join the US in sanctions against Venezuela…?
50% of existing EU sanction designations are underpinned by UK evidence…
Rumours, inuendos and smears from news articles used to target individuals worldwide
The Magnitsky Myth is finally being questioned by the MSM
21 Wire article: Global Magnitsky - will UK join US in sanctions against Venezuela…?