UK Column News - 25th May 2018

Mike Robinson, Mark Anderson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – North Korea: Trump cancels June 12 summit…
Is North Korea really a threat…?
North Korean and South Korean leaders still plan to meet
China ‘disinvited’ from major US military exercise over South China Sea
09:27 – MI6 advertising on British television for the first time
Pure Intelligence: a Common Purpose agenda
Parliamentary oversight diminishing daily…
13:15 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
13:59 – GDPR: data protection update
Centralisation of personal data enables easy sharing between platforms
18:25 – Court reform: Justice Matters – is it really customer-driven…?
Who is the customer…?
23:07 – Cafcass: an independent organisation…
A huge conflict of interest: who is Sally Cheshire…?
25:16 – Fresh Start Foundation events: 26 May, Kirkcaldy; 9 June, Greenock
26:20 – Perth pupils taught how to handle emergency situations
Who are Neighbourhood Alert…?
Freedom House: founded in 1941...linked to Council on Foreign Relations
Phobias: a reality or just disagreement…?
33:35 – John Swinney faces questions over ‘witness interference’
The Times: row over Named-Person ‘nobbling’ intensifies
Holyrood staff refuse to hand over Named-Person witnesses
Crossreach: cuddly toy creates ‘wellbeing’ but...still no definition
Church of Scotland now promoting government propaganda
38:30 – Scotland: fracking ban in place...or not…?
40:14 – Scottish independence referendum update
Evidence of increasing voter bribery at work
SNP inviting the world to come to Scotland = Scottish replacement therapy
48:46 – Bilderberg 2018: Turin, Italy is the venue, populism is the ‘problem’