UK Column News - 25th March 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus statistics update
Public Health England: status of COVID-19
PHE: COVID-19 no longer considered to be a High Consequence Infectious Disease
MainStream Media: no coverage of PHE’s status update…
UK Column asks questions of the BBC
Plymouth MP Johnny Mercer continues to ignore the PHE status update
Professor Peter Getzsche article – Corona: an epidemic of mass panic
Former Israeli Health Minister Yoram Lass article: lockdown lunacy
A number of other articles are now appearing questioning the advice being given
CoronaVirus statistics being manipulated and misused to create fear and panic
19:16 – The big question: how many NHS staff have or have had COVID-19…?
24:43 – CoronaVirus Bill to be passed today with royal assent
Bill designed to expire after 2 years except for…
Who is really governing the UK…? Is a ‘covid coalition’ government coming…?
30:20 – BBC: CoronaVirus – the new jobless struggle to claim benefits
Is CoronaVirus being used to push through socialism…?
National Emergencies Trust: first registered 4 April 2019
The ‘independent’ National Emergencies Trust – a look at their board
34:39 – ‘Fact checkers’ FullFact: government secondments now available…
36:18 – Government Chemist Conference 2020: on hold due to CoronaVirus
Conference details: artificial manufacturing of food products