UK Column News - 25th March 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: Chequers agreement…?
‘Million-person’ march in London over the weekend
Liam Fox: we either leave the EU with a deal…or we leave with no deal
EU (withdrawal) Act 2018: exit day written into the act is 29 March 2019
UK has a Constitutional crisis – Parliament appears to be ignoring the law
Is the UK standing under EU law or the UK’s statute books…?
10:43 – USA: Mueller investigation ends – no collusion…
Investigation has taken 2.5 years and cost American taxpayer at least $25 million
Democrats now say that AG William Barr ‘is not neutral’
The MainStream Media Mueller Meltdown: MSM all parrot same talking points…
CNN lifts specific parts of a sentence to confuse and deceive the public
BBC reports accurately – Associated Press continues to deceive
Russian Intelligence Officers involvement: no evidence provided…
‘DNC Emails posted by Wikileaks went through storage device before posting’
DNC Emails were leaked from the inside not hacked from the outside
Fake News: Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ hoax – the biggest political hoax in US history
31:57 – US southern border wall: being built to reduce drug & people trafficking
Sackler Trust pharma firm faces hundreds of lawsuits over US opioid crisis
34:04 – Israel sends troops to Gaza border on anniversary of Right of Return march
36:01 – Venezuela: Russian soldiers arrive in Caracas with stability plan
Beware the western trope that maduro is pocketing all the oil money…
38:49 – US President Trump cancels recently applied North Korean sanctions
North Korean staff now heading back to Kaesong liaison centre with South Korea
US administration seems schizophrenic: is Trump fighting internal battles…?
Simultaneous Constitutional crises in the UK and the USA: just a coincidence…?