UK Column News - 25th July 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Daily Mail: Britain’s in meltdown…
01:37 – Brexit: white paper legislating for withdrawal agreement revealed
Treason May’s EU handler: who is dark actor Ollie Robbins…?
More planned chaos – a nation divided against itself cannot stand
UK parliament is sovereign, the Scottish parliament is not
Brexit Project Fear: Britain cannot survive on its own…
11:18 – Novichok 2.0 the sequel: survivor Charlie Rowley interviewed on ITV
Rowley thought bottle was perfume but explained it as odorless…
14:44 – Terrorism watchdog picked as next director of public prosecutions
Amber Rudd: treason laws must be updated…to protect politicians…?
Terror police boost MP’s security after accusations of racism
MP Sarah Champion fails to address sexual abuse by other ethnic groups
Ex-Archbishop Lord Carey’s bizarre reasoning on paedophile bishop Peter Ball
Book recommendation: Trust No One by Teresa Cooper
British state pushes for Asian prosecutions but avoids looking inwards at itself
27:09 – Supporting each & every child and young person’s mental health…
Matt Hancock (health & social care AI bot): we need more apps to fix people
Government creates children’s online games to help…
30:16 – Minister of War Gavin Williamson: joint UK-Qatar Typhoons
Military equipment given away: Parliament deceived but...carry on regardless
We have no democratic government, just a cabal of people behind closed doors
33:57 – Non-story: HMS Sabre chases Spanish warship from Gibraltar waters
35:18 – Guardian: Russia – ‘a creaking ship’...substituting Britain works perfectly