UK Column News - 25th February 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column

START – Venezuela: Germany in favour of sanctions targeting President Maduro
Russia and 50 other countries meet on Venezuela ‘to support legitimate authorities’
Previously non-aligned movement now seems very aligned…
Venezuela crisis: The Great Imperial Roadshow
False Flag: video evidence shows that Maduro government did not burn aid convoy
What do the ‘aid’ trucks really contain…? Four false flags in evidence
US Florida Senator Marco Rubio goes wild threatening people on Twitter
‘Civil unrest’ at the Venezuela-Columbia border – a common technique…
Wikileaks hits back pointing out Rubio’s human rights abuse
US Democrats continue the theme of attacks on Venezuela
18:03 – LAS-EU summit: Treason May in the Middle East with EU colleagues
House of Lords Select Committee report – Yemen: giving peace a chance
UK aid package to Yemen so far: £700 million – which NGOs are involved…?
UK makes money on arms sales then makes more money on aid packages…?
EU attemps to push its own foreign policy agenda into the Middle East
27:35 – UK government proscribes Lebanon’s Hezbollah as a criminal organisation
Jeremy Hunt provides no examples of their ‘destabilisation activities’…
How is Hezbollah a threat to UK national security…?
32:51 – 21 Wire: Netanyahu’s slide towards ‘Jewish Fascism’ should shock Americans
Journalist Etan Nechin (Haaretz) reinforces the point
Nechin: This is a moment of crisis for Israel as a liberal democracy…
Anti-semitism: a new organisation – The Democratic Majority for Israel
Politics across the Atlantic is a mirror image of Britain
37:53 – Brexit: ‘meaningful vote’ now delayed until March 12th
Daily Mail: could Brexit be delayed for two years…?
41:05 – Russian President Putin lays wreath at tomb of the unknown soldier
Russia’s prospective military weapons ‘have no analogues in the world’
Russia’s military budget is less than 10% of the US military budget
Military spending low due to Russia running their own defence industry…
44:43 – Sara Thornton made Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner in UK
Sajid Javid: slavery cost to the UK economy - £4.3 billion on 2016/17
Total government spend on anti-slavery - £39 million in 2017/18
Worldwide human traffickers make £130 billion profit from the slave trade