UK Column News - 24th September 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – UN General Assembly: world leaders and ‘change makers’ to meet…
Global Internet Forum for Counterterrorism or...internet censorship…?
UK government planning to set up a ‘regulator’ for the internet
Head of British anti-corruption told to halt investigation into Russian money laundering
Bill Browder: highest ranks of British government attempt to shut down investigation
Russian state investigations = good, Russian gangster investigations = bad…
Treason May condemned for ‘business as usual’ after Tories accept £100,000 ‘donation’
Owen Jones: Tory links to Russians and Saudis – where’s the outrage…?
09:45 – DID: protecting African children from exploitation
Modern slavery profit: £130 billion
12:27 – EU military unification: Britain being locked deeper and deeper into the EU
UK Column article from 2011: The Franco British Council
Franco British Council (a charity) set up at the time of Ted Heath
Who is funding the Franco British Council…?
Franco British Digital Conference 2016: disrupt or be disrupted…
Brexit but…no exit – Franco British Council meets again September 19th 2018
Second EU referendum on the cards…democracy destroyed…?
26:23 – Russian IL20 shootdown: Russian plane used as missile decoy…?
Daily Express: prepare for war…UK unveils military robots to destroy enemies…
Trial in Canada lasted three weeks – a sinister development, no Parliamentary debate
Gavin Williamson (minister of war) ramps up the threats…