UK Column News - 24th September 2015

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2’]    Donald Tusk has effectively announced that the European Council (the gathering of heads of government of EU member states) is not going to do anything to stop migration.

The UK press has decided to keep blaming the migrants and not looking at politicians’ actions that have prompted migration.


6’]    A viewer has sent an e-mail (shown on screen and rad out) notifying the UK Column of a rare opportunity to watch an RT interview with President Assad of Syria (“Syria ‘in a state of complete war’ with terrorism”). The viewer has followed developments for years and writes that the Syrian troubles never were a civil war; weapons were being shipped into the country from the start.

Where are the factual BBC reports and interviews with Assad?


8’]    Screen-captured video taken by Brian Gerrish shows how when a BBC interview with Assad is played on the BBC website, the moment Assad begins to answer the first question, another video cuts in.


10’]    The Washington Post twists statistics to imply that many Syrians are supporters of “Islamic State”.


11’]    Alan Yentob has branded his own BBC journalists who first asked why the BBC was not covering the Jimmy Savile exposé “traitors”.

Another viewer’s e-mail describes more BBC spin, this time on The One Show on 22 September regarding war bonds in the First World War (with no mention of the historical reality of the issuance by HM Treasury of the Bradbury Pound).

Do the presenters know that this was the history?


14’]    Gerrish shows screenshots of how he responded to a pop-up satisfaction survey on the BBC website. Go ye and do likewise.


15’]    As Mike Robinson predicted, the FTSE has yet again not been permitted to fall below the 6,000-point mark. Effectively, then, “Quantitative Easing money is being handed to speculators, who are taking it out.”


16’]    Academics have warned that devolution in Wales is happening far too quickly and will leave a constitutional mess. Robinson notes that the political priority is to move things on as quickly as possible.


18’]    The Plymouth Herald promotes an ‘artwork’ in the city called The Blob, currently installed outside a school. It is, Gerrish says, “junk” to take young people’s minds off anything creative.


20’]    The UK Column offices have received an EU flag with a star cut out, and Gerrish suggests that it is a pig blanket.


21’-57’]    Interview with Michael Billington

(main website for U.S. political campaigning: )

Syria. Discussion on how Russia, which well remembers how it and China was tricked into abstaining in the UN Security Council over the invasion of Libya for allegedly “humanitarian” purposes which turned out to be regime change and chaos-spreading, has called the bluff of the U.S. and UK by offering to attack ISIS/ISIL/Daesh jointly. This will force it out into the open that that terror outfit is the West’s creation or at least useful proxy, and that Obama and Cameron have no intention of destroying it.

Just after the 10-minute mark within the interview segment, details are given on how the actual  U.S. defence chiefs have now openly told Al-Jazeera that it was not merely a mistake for the U.S. to have allowed ISIS to arise; it was a deliberate policy at the time to force out the likes of Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad.

“That is now exposed in public. Putin has taken advantage of this [admission] to show that Obama is both a fool and a dangerous, murderous narcissist.”

“I think that the revolutionary fervour around the election of [Jeremy] Corbyn is a reflection of the deep-seated hatred of everything that Tony Blair represents: his wars, his economic policy, his continuing the Maggie Thatcher monetarist policies that have ripped the UK economy apart.”

The increasingly strong BRICS alliance has now proven itself to be an infrastructure-building, nation-building alliance which offers poor nations the “peace through development” model which the U.S. abandoned after the Roosevelt presidency in favour of the UK’s monetarist techniques to ruin nations through debt payment extraction.

“Obama is a madman. He’s not going to make a deal with Putin. The danger is that he will simply go berserk and do something to launch a war which could very quickly become global and thermonuclear.”

Discussion ensues on how the core of fascist thinking is to destroy human creativity and innovation, and that this is what its direct descendant “the green disease” does by making development, discovery and industry undesirable concepts.

Billington announces the latest Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) Special Report: ‘Global Warming’ Scare is Population Reduction, Not Science

This historical review of how fascism became green lobbying is available from the publication website (full version: $25) and a free PDF teaser with some of the unaltered pages of the full version is at:

N.B.: The Kindle version, costing £6.43, is available from:

Billington finds it unfortunate that the Pope has been tricked into supporting the population reduction agenda.

At the 24-minute mark within the interview segment, attention turns to the Global Goals. For the seventieth anniversary of the UN Charter, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has issued a statement (displayed on screen and read out) in which it has noted that the UN has not really been true to its founding principles. Billington recalls how the noble founding aim was a U.S.-Russia-China alliance against fascism, but the “Anglo-American faction” of financiers and their assets wrecked the UN from the start. Billington goes into detail on the most recent egregious example of this: Ukraine.

Billington is optimistic at signs such as South Korea’s refusal to be sucked into a U.S.-Japan alliance against China:

“The general global sense of what’s taking place worldwide has shifted very, very dramatically” (with nations realising what the UK and U.S. are up to).

The current three-day Manhattan “sustainability” conference is intended by the dark side to be a precursor to a Paris Conference at which mandatory limits to growth are to be set, so this is a “showdown”, Billington says.

In closing, Billington says that the aim of his U.S. political campaigning organisation LarouchePAC is to “restore a development-oriented financial system” which historically was the American system.