UK Column News - 24th June 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Tory leadership race continues
Turkey: Gezi Park protest trial – 16 people face life imprisonment
Grass-roots campaign or NGOs & civil society organisations whipping up the protest…?
Head of Soros’ Open Society Foundation Turkey among the people on trial…
At what point do civil society organisations & NGOs equate to outside interference…?
08:34 – Yemen: UK-US-Saudi-UAE statement on Yemen
Western allies suddenly concerned about the Houthis after years of bombing…?
Sudan 2019: massive protests ongoing but no MainStream Media coverage
This is another key area for UK Aid…
Protestors corpses recovered from the Nile weighted down with bricks but
no MSM coverage…compare this to media coverage of the Arab Spring
Sudanese Janjaweed militia now rebranded as the Rapid Support Forces
Saudi Arabia has sub-contracted Sudanese militias to fight in Yemen
21:00 – Iran: Oxford Research Group – confronting Iran: The British Dimension
The ‘independent’ Oxford Research Group: who are they…?
VIPs memo to President Trump: is Pompeo’s agenda the same as yours…?
Are there two governments within the USA…?
30:41 – RT: Iran foiled all US attempts to carry out cyber-attacks
Cyber security: almost impossible to corroborate but very profitable…
32:10 – Wheat as a weapon: US think tank proposes starving Syrian civilians 
Mystery crop fires scorch thousands of acres in Syria and Iraq…
36:26 – Alternative View 10 DVDs available from UK Column and 21 Wire websites
36:43 – Censorship: Nick Clegg (Facebook) – Russia not involved in Brexit outcome
Who are the Twitter users responding to this story…?
There is no hard evidence on Russian involvement in Brexit whatsoever
Clegg: Facebook will soon require much more regulation
UK Column article: Censorship (Online Harms White Paper)
Britain to be first country in the world to have an internet regulator…
42:47 – Government appointments: first female Chief Scientific Advisor
Dame Sally Davies to become UK’s Special Envoy on Anti-Microbial Resistance