UK Column News - 24th July 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Boris wins the (s)election to become Prime Minister
Boris an opportunist - where does he really stand on Brexit…?
New cabinet and non-cabinet positions to come: Sky COO to join him
Munira Mirza, Mark Spencer MP, SWA chief David Frost also to be brought in
UK PLC – key UK corporations to negotiate Brexit…?
Haaretz: Boris Johnson will be the weakest British leader ever
Britain to become an influencer rather than a military power or a set of values…?
13:45 – BBC: what is Zionism…? A very brief history – misleading by omission…
Can Boris be trusted on the child abuse investigations…?
Priti Patel: we must all get behind our new Prime Minister and deliver Brexit
Nigel Farage: there is a possibility an electoral pact could be forged
Matt Hancock: we are not going to have an electoral pact with any other party
18:01 – Alternative View 10.1 conference: 27 October – Kensington, London
Protecting our Green Movement talk: 27 July – Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes
19:30 – Who has made China a defence export giant…?
US is unprepared to mobilize for Great Power Conflict
Corporations to do battle with governments – a dangerous expansion of TTIP…?
European Defence Union: the blob coagulates
The British government has broken British companies’ hold on the market
Cyprus Mail: Britain pushing European naval union
Lockheed repatriates F-35 parts production from Turkey to the USA
Meanwhile on the Final Frontier: UK, US militaries join forces to keep upper hand in space
Space resources to be claimed to prevent bank bubble bursting…?
32:41 – BBC Monitoring: meet Britain’s BBC disinformation team
BBC Monitoring: a heavy Russian focus…many of the BBC team are Ukrainians
BBC Monitoring: who are their clients and partners…?
Black Sky: transforming how we look at the planet – 60 private satellites to be used
UN (unitar): driving UN Agenda 2030 at great speed
39:11 – Deutsche Bank announces €3.1 billion net quarterly loss
Joseph Farrell: News and Views from the Nefarium
Italy repatriates gold from London & New York – planning a new gold-backed currency…?
42:48 - Paedophile Pride – part of the Amsterdam scene
The ‘liberation’ of children – trying to repeal the age of consent & reduce to age 4…