UK Column News - 24th January 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

START – Brexit deal is signed (with one pen)
Brexit: when do we really leave…?
04:10 – OPCW shenanigans: whistleblower speaks out at UNSC
House of Commons meeting on OPCW took place on Wednesday
Frome Stop War (Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media) tabled the meeting
International community was misled about alleged chemical weapons use in Douma
OPCW executive intervened between Interim Report and Final Report: fraud…?
Evidence of direct political interference in OPCW, corrupting the process
MainStream Media: biased coverage and at worst, censorship
11:06 – Julian Assange latest hearing – extradition hearing begins 24 February
Ongoing effort to get Assange released from Belmarsh Prison
US government claims that foreign journalists have no First Amendment rights
17:37 – 21 Wire article: Trump envoy issues death threat to Soleimani successor
Iraq: ‘million man’ march – ‘US troops out’
A look at the media and propaganda coverage of the Iraqi march
23:40 – Davos: green man Mark Carnage threatens businesses
Scotland will host COP 26 in November with Mark Carnage hosting…
Carnage’s wife is well worth investigating
Greta (abused child) meets with Prince Charles
Prince Charles: growing things is going to become difficult (but CO2 is plant food…)
Growing things becomes more difficult because carbon pressure on farmers will force it
We either reduce the population or have to import more food creating more CO2…
Financial engineering is playing a shell game – just moving the problem around
32:56 – Doomsday clock: we are now 100 seconds from doom…
Climate ‘threat’ has now usurped all others: nukes, Fukushima, terrorism etc.
Who are the Elders…?
UK Column articles: the One World Government series
Five Powers Summit: Russian President Putin speaks on preservation of civilisation