UK Column News - 24th February 2020

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish with today's UK Column News.

START – At War: king Mark Sedwill and Dominic Cummings pick a fight
Priti Patel is also at war with Sir Philip Rutnam
It is becoming more obvious that the Civil Service is running the government
06:36 – Terrorism: we now have a ‘protect duty’ to the public
Consultations won’t include public…public security should not create a police state
Is Britain going to end up like Belfast in the 1970s…?
09:08 – Government support for Extinction Rebellion who openly break the law…
Daniel Hannan: police inaction over Extinction Rebellion is criminally disturbing
Why is Extinction Rebellion protected by the police and UK government…?
12:56 – MH17: Awaiting Trial event – 3 March, Conway Hall, London WC1
13:55 – IICSA: welcome to the UK’s ‘secret’ child abuse inquiry…
Ex-Met police officer John Wedger still to give evidence
17:10 – Brexit: EU budget – we need the Brits! EU fails to agree new budget
EU’s troubles are likely to grow
21:36 – ECLJ: NGOs and the judges of the ECHR 2009-2019
NGOs are secretly affecting government and social policy from the shadows
ECHR judges linked to Soros’ Open Society ‘network’…
Brexit does not remove the UK from the overarching power of the ECHR
Open Society Foundation spends more than €90 million per year in Europe 
NGOs are private actors with no democratic legitimacy 
Financial power is then enough to give the illusion of democracy…
UK Column articles: the One World Government series
BBC remains silent on third-party organisations and their links to ECHR
BBC is a dangerous backer of Soros and his pernicious state meddling & propaganda
31:34 – The blue passport returns to Britain
Passport data page will be polycarbonate, passport will include an embedded chip
Passports to be produced in the EU: Brexit without the exit
36:02 – Stonewall update: Lloyds Bank diversity program – a closer look
Taxpayer funds are available if you follow the government diversity line…