UK Column News - 24th August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson, including: START A Relentless Purpose at the Global Scale : A Common Purpose 05:41 Nicolas Sarkozy is set to run for the President of France in 2017 07:02 Lord Hague, “A most illustrious Member of British Parliament.” 08:23 Fiction increasingly blurred with truth as Actor Replaces Jo Cox 11:34 Owen Smith leads the Charge for a Second Brexit Referendum 15:41 Brandon Lewis MP Procurement System of United Kingdom Fire 19:35 North Sea Oil & the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation 21:52 ‘A Criminal Cartel establishing its own Techno-cashless Society’ 26:23 The Church of England ordered its Bishops ‘No apologies 29:34 A Child Abuse Industry Conglomerate in the Insurance Companies 32:11 Elegant Solution from Insurers : ‘Sack the Whistleblower.’ 36:48 Wisdom Embodies : American Thermonuclear Weapons in Turkey 39:32 Lies over Iraq are common knowledge, those over Syria less so… NB | the Neuro-linguistic Programming cult and subversive political organisation ‘Common Purpose’ has been active in the UK for decades; check out the UK Column series ‘the Common Purpose Effect’ to investigate further… : we are often asked whether Common Purpose is still active, and the simple answer is that it is more active than ever, with global ambitions and operations across the globe from India, America, and Europe, to China and beyond - do not underestimate them. ‘Gangs and Counter Gangs’ is an excellent book we highly recommend.