UK Column News - 24th April 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Jeremy Corbyn ‘committed to working with young people to save our planet’
Piers Corbyn ‘Greta Thunberg is wrong and suffers mental abuse by manipulative adults’
Wrong Kind of Green article: ‘The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg’
The Common Purpose approach: children are becoming the weapon of the political elite
Dan Hodges: within my lifetime people will go to jail for climate change denial…
Population control is also part of the climate change plan
Mark Carnage: the financial sector must be at the heart of tackling climate change
Banks want to take advantage of the climate change agenda…
Chancellor Philip Hammond: Bank of England governor is to change
15:25 – Ann Widdecombe to stand as Brexit Party candidate in UK elections
Tory leadership contest: MP Johnny Mercer’s private £85k salary exposed
How many (very well paid) jobs should an MP have…?
20:36 – Treason May vows to crack down an Christian persecution around the world
Government ‘has launched a global review into the persecution of Christians’
The hypocrisy and deceit of Treason May laid bare in 2017…
May’s popularity reaches a record low amongst Tory members
25:17 – Warren Buffett: newspapers are toast
Government planning legislation to support MainStream Media
27:30 – Surveillance: secret filming in shops ‘tip of the iceberg’ as customers lose privacy
29:27 – Robert Green’s funeral: 29 April in Cheshire at 14:00
Robert Stuart fundraiser appeal: Saving Syria’s Children
30:53 – CYBERUK 2019 comes to Glasgow: making the world safer…?
Speeches will come from GCHQ and the Cabinet Office…
GCHQ will share intelligence to help banks fight fraud with 24 hour monitoring
GCHQ’s evidence-free claim: are they working with the banks or for the banks…?
The Cabinet Office controlled web of ‘British’ intelligence & their private army
Do the banks run British intelligence…along with Israel…?
42:50 – Care chief awarded OBE…after her arrest in child cruelty probe…