UK Column News - 23rd October 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: are we in or out…?
No extension a possibility; extension may be granted or a no confidence vote
EU totally control Brexit – we have to ask their permission to do anything
If a General Election is called, Facebook will setup a dedicated operation centre
Is this Nick Clegg’s policy now he works for Facebook…?
EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB): EU and UK law will stay in sync
Common Foreign and Security Policy will remain tied into EU…?
Francois Fischer (EU Intelligence and Situation Centre): UK will not leave…
Tobias Ellwood MP asks Boris a question on EU military union
Boris acknowledges a change in military decision-making has taken place…?
Defence Committee to question new Defence Secretary Ben Wallace today
16:43 – Extinction Rebellion: their plan is for people to break the law
Policy Exchange: ER plan is the breakdown of democracy and the state
DfE’s Counter Extremism helpline: no interest in dangers of ER to children…
UK Column writes to DfE to point out dangers to children…no reply
20:49 – Alternative View 10.1 conference: 27 October in London
Journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva’s interview available on UK Column website
Brexit BBQ: 31 October – Coney Weston Village Hall at 19:00 
23:38 – Banking: Barclays Post Office cash withdrawals ban backlash
MainStream Media uses story to remind readers of those nasty Russians…
National Cyber Security Centre: ‘handled 658 incidents’ (without evidence)
29:48 – IMF expecting slower growth across almost 90% of the world
Their solution: increase green taxes…
Mark Carnage: companies who lag behind on green issues will be punished
Economic collapse ahead: current financial ‘experts’ incapable of working differently
33:53 – Welsh council fits £1 microchips to food recycling bins to catch ‘cheats’
Council sees itself as a corporation and considers the political risk of mis-cycling
Wrap: meet the company behind the council plan’s modelling
Wrap: meet their partners and the board’s trustees
Making the world better: who is Eunomia…?
Eunomia: the costs of not implementing EU environmental law
Welsh village policies are coming from EU, UN and the British government
More chips to come…