UK Column News - 23rd May 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson: rabbit in the headlights
British politicians have no control over Britain’s armed forces but the US does
08:16 – Dementia: lead better, happier lives...1932 Soviet propaganda
10:06 – Stefan Halper - A Spy in the House of Trump
Meet Hillary Clinton’s other research firm: London-based Hakluyt & Co.
14:39 – Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe: victim of BBC ‘soft power’ subversion
Aras Amiri : another victim of British ‘soft power’ subversion
Imperial College professor also arrested in Iran
British Council: just nice people spreading British ‘soft power’…
British Council backed by the British government but independent...
In 2009, Iran closed the British Council offices in Tehran reacting to the BBC
23:32 – Syria: Damascus terrorism-free after 7 years
24:43 – Treason May: privatisation in the NHS for the benefit of patients…
26:33 – Water resources in England: farmers will have to apply to use water
Fracking will deplete water supplies application needed
30:19 – Britain the cocaine capital of the world...particularly Westminster
32:20 – Jeremy Wright: the cyber security problem: more controls to come…?
Wannacry attack came from North Korea evidence
36:29 – Melbourne Council, Australia: the rise of gender-neutral parenting
The real objectives of the ‘culture of consent’…
Children’s books used as the deceptive smokescreen