UK Column News - 23rd June 2016

START    American ships bait the Chinese in the South-China Sea
4:10        National Post states NATO distracts from real ISIS threat
6:30        Putin wants Brexit states disreputable Gatestone Institute
7:20        fraudulent postal vote system of #EUReferendumPsyOp
12:00      Boris is driven by a PM ambition that knows no bounds
13:40      Plymouth Herald & Peter Shore criticise despicable EU
19:50      faux truth site Full Fact is funded by the usual suspects
22:10      interdependence destruction of European state forces
29:30      Syria subverted via the psuedoheroic White Helmets
35:40      realities of digital warfare in the age of Smart Cities
38:20      outrageous excuses as a Judge favours child abuser
41:00      sadistic blackshirts infiltrate British Police Forces
42:50      expansion of violence & injustice in UK prisons