UK Column News - 23rd July 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Syria: white helmets being evacuated as heroes…?
White helmets only operate in terrorist-held areas...
UN managed the evacuation pending international resettlement
Peter Ford: white helmets are not ‘volunteers’ - a misleading term
They are paid by western governments…no verification of lives saved
Might the British government have been afraid of the group being caught:
Interrogation might reveal truth about ‘chemical weapon incidents’
Four lies from Penny Mordaunt…
Syria recognises South Ossetia, establishes diplomatic link
17:30 – Airwars: US-led coalition killed 9600 civilians in battle against ISIS
The numbers are ten times higher than coalition ‘official’ figures
Book recommendation: Operation Aleppo by Tim Ripley
23:05 – Novichok 2.0: Charlie Rowley suddenly recovers…
Latest Novichok 2.0 ‘news’: perfume bottle got broken, poisoning Rowley
25:57 – MSM propaganda: Amazon warns no deal Brexit risks ‘civil unrest’
27:56 – The Beatles: fighting for ISIS…US wants to extradite them
Sajid Javid takes unilateral decision to send them for death penalty…
This change in policy could apply to others such as Julian Assange
Separation of issues is critical to public understanding of events
34:14 – Mark Curtis points out utter hypocrisy of the government system
36:44 – Trump threatens Iranian President with ‘consequences’
Last time he did this was North Korea…peace followed
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: more hypocrisy against Iran
40:05 – How Israel helped to revive Europe’s ugly ethno nationalisms
British opposition being attacked for not removing ability to criticise Israel
The term ‘ethnic nationalism’ being used to describe ‘settler nationalism’
Israel places the white European (Ashkenazi) caste above all…