UK Column News - 23rd July 2015

Neighbours of unlawful eviction man Tom Crawford outraged at private and police security, Nottingham police employ excessive policemen, cars, armed response and helicopters when Tom Crawford supporters go for a beer, Nottingham Police Chief Constable Chris Eyre can't catch paedophiles but can arrest Melanie Shaw child abuse survivor, Nottingham police unleash MAPPA and serious criminal label on Melanie Shaw, Melanie Shaw held Bridewell Custody Suite, Goddard Child Abuse Inquiry claims independence but NSPCC manage calls and media, British Intelligence Services outed protecting Westminster paedophiles, MI5 worried at government image from child abuse but unconcerned for children, Ex MI5 boss Sir Anthony Duff involved in child abuse cover-up, Libraries closing Google to the rescue not, Google App to track every step your life, Blair preens at Accountants Hall speech, BBC Home Editor Mark Easton promotes dangerous government applied psychology and helps big banks, UKColumn warned government Applied Behavioural Psychology 2010, Breitbart warns Sir Jeremy Heywood to reframe civil service and parliament to choose correct EU referendum vote, UKColumn exposes Franco British mind control, Cameron and Blair share corrupt values why let them reframe us?