UK Column News - 23rd January 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined live from Saana in Yemen by Hussain Albukhaiti for today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – Yemen: new UK funding for UN ‘peace’ process…
UAE and Saudi Arabia funding Al Qaeda/ISIS to fight the Houthis
The same intervention previously seen in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan…
Who’s next…Egypt…?
Current Yemeni President Hadi not recognised by majority of Yemenis
UN is best friends with recognised Al Qaeda and ISIS operatives…
MainStream Media in the west is keeping this information from the public
Yemeni infrastructure and healthcare system almost completely destroyed
14:20 – Aachen Treaty: deal done – French-German integration advances
UK Column article – The Aachen Treaty: Germany & France become a single state
The other 25 EU states are not happy with the signing
UK Column article – Military Union: British Government Policy since 1948
Merkel booed as she calls for a European Army
Fact: EU Defence Union…but not for Full Fact
EU’s Federica Mogherini regularly mentions EU military union now
EU military Union being tied into NATO via Stoltenberg
Full Fact Senior Factchecker: who is Claire Milne…?
Full Fact Director Will Moy: not to be trusted but now employed by Facebook…
A massive attack on free speech in the UK
UK Column article – Faux Facts: The disturbing truth about
29:30 – Skripal affair: EU sanctions Russian suspects in Salisbury ‘poisoning’
Skripal latest: Novichok poisoning victims first helped by teenage girl
Amazing coincidence: girl’s mother is Chief Nursing Officer of the British Army
Kremlin accused of linking Skripal to ex-MI6 officer behind Trump dossier
Telegraph will not name the MI6 officer: is Pablo Miller under a D-Notice…?
Integrity Initiative website: content removed – ‘theft of data’ under investigation
38:20 – Good news: another anti-terrorism campaign begins
39:47 – What really goes on at this GCHQ intelligence and security base…?
University graduate becomes GCHQ Al Qaeda expert in three years…?
42:58 – Mike Veal: the character assassination of Police Chief continues
Daily Mail crafts Mike Veal story to protect ‘Uncle Teddy’ Heath
Daily Mail journalist Kevin Donald unsure in private why Mike Veal has quit