UK Column News - 23rd August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson, including: START Renewables, Wind Turbines & the Import of Foreign Energy 04:23 Strategic Infrastructure - & Opposition to the Severn Barrage 05:47 BBC Criticised by Fox News because of its bias toward Leave 07:56 Devolution & the False-Start of the ‘Elected Mayors’ Agenda 09:45 A Dubious ‘Constitution Unit’ Reviews Brexit Fact-checking 14:11 Smart cities, ASEAN leaders & the global Common Purpose 15:42 UK Arms Sales Fuel the War in Yemen - Big Saudi Business 17:58 Massive Procurement Deal, Saudi Arabia buys US Weapons 18:46 Catrin Nye & her great campaign of “Rising Twitter Abuse” 27:23 Facebook contracts Demos to launch ‘Counter-speech’ study 29:42 The Moste Grotesque Peter Denis Sutherland GCHI KCMG 34:57 Debt, Finance, NHS Euthanasia Programs, Crises of Pensions At the end of the news Brian makes a special appeal on behalf of Graeme Duckworth, a man who has worked to investigate the mysterious death of his brother despite systemic obstruction by the Police, the British Transport Police, and the Coroner’s Office : Quentin Duckworth, his brother, died in 2015 in Oaksey, Wiltshire; whilst Graeme languishes in HMP Cardiff on various pretenses. “It would appear the establishment is exceptionally keen to hide the truth about the real cause of death of his brother Quentin.” Write to Graeme at : A5590DV (Graeme Duckworth) HMP Cardiff Knox Road CF24 0UG