UK Column News - 23rd April 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Yemen: another wedding bombed by Saudi Arabia & UAE
The Guardian’s Lina Khatib on Syria: it was right to strike…
No discussion about why the Syrian people keep voting for Assad
08:06 – The shift to the East: Russia China Summit
09:52 – North Korea and South Korea: historic meeting
12:55 – G7: united against Russia’s ‘malign activities’…
14:38 – Sunday Times: Police & MI5 to get greater powers to fight terror
17:52 – TruePublica: Evidence – Novichok delivery system patented in US
Tim Hayward: Update to briefing note ‘Doubts about Novichoks’
22:37 – Pulitzer Prize joins the Nobel Prize as a farce…
New York Times and Washington Post given prize for fake news
24:13 – BBC: The vetting files – how the BBC kept out ‘subversives’
27:02 – Telegraph fake news: victim has words twisted to suit narrative
New emergency procedure to prevent fake news ingestion
29:55 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
30:13 – Daily Express: 96% of readers want House of Lords abolished
House of Lords may not be perfect but it holds the government to account
In 1997 Blair began the process of House of Lords demonisation
Brexit issue being used to drive this agenda through again…
37:44 – Capita reports pre-tax loss of £515 million for 2017
Accounting shenanigans at work…?
40:16 – 900,000 Brits on zero-hours contracts…200K to 900K since 2011