UK Column News - 22nd September 2015

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01’]    Syria and Ukraine. The media appear to have gone quiet on the Syrian refugee crisis. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has demanded that Russia remove its heavy weapons from Ukraine. Norway is putting F-35s into service.

04’]    France is ready to bomb Syria “in self-defence”.

06’]    “Putin’s banker” Pugachev, since expelled from Russia, has a $12 billion claim against the country. The UK Column points out that he and his associates were expelled for extremely serious corruption.

07’]    The Council on Foreign Relations favourably reports on Shinzo Abe’s attempt to remove the Japanese constitutional prohibition (Section 9) on military intervention. “All he is saying is Give War a Chance”, is the cynical CFR op-ed headline.

10’]    Airstrikes on Yemen continue, little reported, with many deaths. More people have died in the first half-year of Saudi-led bombardment of the country than perished in Northern Ireland in four decades of the Troubles.

Sir Alan Duncan (HM Government’s Special Envoy to Yemen) appears to be very keen to keep commerce going.

12’]    The FTSE is down nearly 3%. Blame is being placed by the BBC on the slowdown of the Chinese economy. Mike Robinson points out that the reason why China imports such vast quantities of raw materials (now lessened) is to manufacture goods for the rest of the world, which the West now increasingly cannot afford.

14’]    Many people are dying after being declared “fit to work” by Iain Duncan Smith’s department. Essentially, private organisations are deciding who must work for the state.

The Daily Mirror website has a series of brief clips showing the astonishingly awful quality of British politicians who are “cold and callous” (says Brian Gerrish) as they discuss people’s lives and deaths.

17’]    The Daily Mail describes the hard-partying secrets of David Cameron’s Chipping Norton social set. There are accounts of David and Samantha Cameron being unashamed of being roaring drunk in front of guests.

19’]    A reminder that former arms dealer Poju Zabludowicz and his wife Anita donated £15,000 to Cameron’s personal campaign to lead the Conservative Party, yet Anita ran an art exhibition desecrating Christ.

20’]    Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw’s actions are described by as being the new normal. Rifkind had the most sensitive job of any MP and yet supposedly did no wrong in discussing what was ostensibly a Chinese company for whom he might work.

21’]    Francis Maude, the minister for “transparency” yet also the head of the Nudge Unit to use applied behavioural psychology to change British people’s behaviour, has made the Nudge Unit a business. A slide is shown depicting in detail the personal interrelationships involved in this dodgy enterprise, with connections to Olivier Ouiller, French expert on reframing.

22’]    There are reportedly now over 110 youth suicides in the Bridgend area of South Wales but press reporting of it has been threatened by local MP Madeleine Moon.

24’]    The Breitbart view of the dangers of the BBC is more accurate than the watered-down version reported by the Daily Telegraph and others. The UK Column has reported what the BBC is doing to undermine governments in many countries.

24’]    Police failures on child sexual abuse. The Jeanette Tate case of the 1980s is one which Devon & Cornwall Police appear determined not to investigate.

26’]    A writer for is seeking to persuade the public that paedophilia is something that just can’t be helped. Gerrish comments that the EU is aiming to normalise paedophilic tendencies and promote the acceptance of that sexuality.

29’]    The Nottingham Post quite erroneously reports that there is a “new unit” to investigate child sex abuse in Nottinghamshire. Large insurance companies are terrified of the scale of CSA compensation claims. The no-fault-admitted payments to victims currently being seen are corrupt buy-offs that circumvent the holding of any criminal investigation.

A UK Column diagram illustrates how this “new unit” amounts to self-investigation by Nottinghamshire Police and Nottingham City Council. Nor are the Crown Prosecution Service or Nottinghamshire Court Service independent.

The result s that Nottinghamshire child abuse survivors such as Melanie Shaw and Mickey Summers are ignored, isolated, victimised or bought off.

Gerrish highlights the role of Supt Helen Chamberlain, the constabulary’s Head of Public Protection, in having failed children already as a member of Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board as at 1 May 2014 (document shown on screen).

Nottinghamshire Police website claims on what victims are entitled to are “simply a pack of lies”, Gerrish says with reference to Melanie Shaw.

36’]    Justice Goddard, heading the “Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse”, is surrounded by layers of Establishment gatekeepers (illustrated on screen). The UK Column article Acting Outside Authority describes the scam involved. These figures are filtering, if not censoring, the information that Goddard receives.

38’]    The UK Column has had a police visit which amounted to a fishing expedition on behalf of the Metropolitan Police to scope how much information was held on child abuse in London.

39’]    The Global Goals “for a better world by 2030” will be adopted on 25 September, replacing the Millennium Development Goals. Robinson reads out these interminable goals in full. HM Government appears to believe it can make the whole world perfect.

Yet, as Gerrish points out, in reality everything in Britain is in a state of chaos and breakdown.

A viewer points out that the word “sustainable” so beloved of the framers of these goals actually means “irreversible”.

43’]    Overseas viewers are welcomed and thanked. These gists under daily news videos should enable searching through past broadcasts from now on.

44’]    No broadcast tomorrow. Back on Thursday 24 September.
Gerrish’s closing comment: Until the country gets rid of the party political system, there will be no cause for pride in being British.