UK Column News - 22nd May 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – UK Column thanks viewers: Queen says ‘future of Britain lies in the EU…’
Queen working for the EU in the background – she just forgot to tell her people…
This is a complete betrayal of the nation she is duty-bound to protect
Treason May on Brexit: latest ‘new deal’ attempt – another ‘meaningless’ vote
This is planned, orchestrated chaos being created deliberately
No Parliamentary questions on EU defence union because…official secrets act
10:59 - Making a splash: Nigel Farage hit with a milkshake - what’s next…?
Boss of Happy City, Ruth Townsley fired after Tweeting that acid would be better
UK Column article: Common Purpose in your locality
Committee on Standards in Public Life: tackling political intimidation
Members of this committee require far more public scrutiny
16:03 – Georgia Pouliquen: warns of Police brutality against French yellow vests
This is the EU at its best…many French protestors have lost eyes and hands
BBC ends its reporting of injuries by reinforcing the French state ‘line’
Lady protestor, denied medical help, dies in a pool of blood in Nice…
Macron instructs French Police to database public even when facts not established
Why should we British care about Police brutality in France…?
UK Column interview soon to be available with Georgia Pouliquen
24:35 – Censorship: Newsguard – Restoring Trust & Accountability…
What personal data are Newsguard really collecting…?
Newsguard on severely violates standards of credibility & transparency
Newsguard on Daily Mail: maintains standards of credibility & transparency
The usual suspects…who is on the Newsguard Advisory Board…?
30:21 – LGBT lessons row: more Birmingham schools stop classes
BBC spin: it’s only Muslim parents complaining…
Labour MP Jess Phillips: the state owns your children and their minds
School Gate Campaign: Attention parents – RSE is coming to your child’s school
Parents are starting to hold public meetings on this subject
UK Column viewer writes: BBC interviews are being used as hit-pieces
37:21 – Alternative View 10 DVDs now available for pre-order
38:18 – Cyprus Mail: RAF Lightning planes land in Akrotiri for exercise
40:32 – OPCW leak: working group on Syria, media and propaganda
Peter Hitchens questions the official OPCW ‘chemical attack’ details
Vanessa Beeley: to what extent is the OPCW compromised and biased…?
Syria was bombed on the basis of the OPCW claims…