UK Column News - 22nd May 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – UK Column website attacked again just before live broadcast…
Tony Blair: Brexit deadlock – second referendum…?
Nick Clegg: Brexiters have forfeited their right to be heard…
06:30 – Jeremy Hunt to host Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit
08:14 – Michael Gove & Ruth Davidson team up to back new Tory ‘think tank’
13:12 – Gavin Williamson: UK needs to be at the forefront of space technology
Williamson setting up new Artificial Intelligence lab at Porton Down…
15:24 – UK National Security Advisor: we provide life-saving aid to Syrians
British public are seeing through the lies and starting to look behind the curtain
18:42 – Salisbury ‘clean-up’ now completed at one site…but
Where are the Skripals…?
20:14 – BBC Media Action subversion – journalists duped…?
New York Times reveals BBC overseas monitoring back in the 90s
BBC General Manager talks about the ‘Marshall Plan of the mind’
26:52 – EU vs Disinfo: conspiracy theories on the rise in Russian media…
Propaganda organisation: who are EU vs Disinfo…?
Andy Pryce: counter-disinfo agent…? Foreign Office refuses to talk about him
32:48 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
Free speech Britain 2018: venue for public discussion has to be kept secret…
34:41 – Thankyou letter from Peter Hofschröer and his mother
Melanie Shaw abuse whistleblower still locked up by UK government
US approves $45 million sale of 3,200 bombs and bunker-busters to Bahrain
37:02 – Bernard Lewis dies aged 101: ‘High Priest of war in the Middle East’
Peter Oborne: Lewis guilty of disastrous intellectual reductionism
40:44 – NHS Dying for Good Health conference update
Second NHS conference deliberately set up to confuse – same day, same city
44:30 – Plymouth sign of the times: from shipbuilding to coffee serving…