UK Column News - 22nd March 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Br(exit) departure extended until 22 May…or 12 April or…
But…’exit day’ means 29 March at 23:00
House of Lords to block Article 50 extension
Shenanigans going on with remain petition online – 3 million votes in 24 hours…?
Operation Yellowhammer: an excuse to put military on the streets…?
Why ‘Yellowhammer’…?
The British Constitution is getting in the way of Treason May’s plans
The EU is dictating the terms as Britain is being (deliberately) taken apart from inside
The British Nation and British Constitution is being sold out to a foreign power
Military resistance to be quietly removed…? Watch the military closely…
Parliamentarians no longer being lobbied because they are irrelevant…?
17:12 – Daily Mail: Watch out Putin…!
NATO ‘routine deployment’ of six USAF B52 bombers to RAF Fairford
NATO continues to ramp up tension against Russia
Munich Security Conference: 40% of European military manufacturing is British
Antonio Gramsci (cultural marxist and communist) quoted at the conference…
Mogherini on EU military union: ‘deal is done’ ‘our commitment to new world order’
Mogherini and Teflon Tony seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet…
27:15 – Gavin Williamson spends £1.5 billion on Boeing E7 aircraft
Boeing E7 is near the end of its lifecycle…
29:26 – Child abuse campaigner Robert Green is now making good progress
IICSA under the Brexit smokescreen: a government cover up of child abuse
Kenneth Clarke MP gives evidence to IICSA Inquiry: dismisses everything
Chief Whips Office keeps a black book on MPs…to ‘smooth the way’
Clarke not questioned on why he gave keys to Broadmoor hospital to Jimmy Savile
A poignant letter from Melanie Shaw
44:13 – Syria’s Golan Heights: to be handed over to Israel…?
Golan Heights is full of oil and gas…
Is US influence in the Middle East declining…?