UK Column News - 22nd June 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – Boris announces a move to a ‘one metre plus’ rule from next month
All made up: there is no scientific evidence or research to back this decision
HM Treasury considers temporary cut in VAT to help tourism and hospitality sector
CoronaVirus: saliva testing to be trialed
Business Secretary to amend Enterprise Act 2002 to prevent foreign takeover of critical businesses
Lord Jonathan Sumption on crisis handling: these people have no idea what they’re doing…
Book recommendation: Not Even Trying…The Corruption Of Real Science by Bruce G. Charlton
UK and USA both have absolute chaos happening in the corridors of power…
09:41 – Scotland: Devi Sridhar wants children back to school in August
Who is really running Covid-19 policy in Scotland…?
12:42 – Orchestrated chaos: the remarkable traits of the CoronaVirus
Report on Covid-19 precautions from UK care home and NHS professional
Precautions are adversely affecting people’s minds – is this a political conspiracy…?
What state are we in…? Covid-19 and the UK public
FTI Consulting: the real-world effects of ‘fake news’
Why is there so much concern about people refusing vaccines…?
Infotagion: the ‘independent’, expert fact-checking service for CoronaVirus…
People who are dubious about vaccines are merely asking for evidence and proper testing
Australia: new Covid-19 restrictions will be needed for ‘anti-vaxxers’
Australian Senator Raff Ciccone: a dangerous ignorant pro-vaccine bigot
29:57 – Behavioural Insights continue: I’m protecting shoppers and staff…
30:51 – David Noakes (GcMAF): latest contact information
31:40 – BBC: Reading stabbings – what we know so far (again, the suspect is known to MI5)
Suspect has history of mental health problems and possible BLM influence
Spiked: the culture war is destroying equality before the law
Police officers are asking questions about why certain parts of society must be treated differently 
Scottish man convicted of calling ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend a ‘leprechaun’
This is cultural Marxism at work: making society a powder keg…
37:24 – Black journalist: I dared question BLM and got the worst racist abuse I’ve ever suffered
Peter Hitchens: I’ve seen hamsters more intimidating than this mob
‘Hero’ BLM supporter – who was he carrying…? Meet former cop Mr Bryn Male…
Mail Online: top mandarin at MoD in Black Lives Matter controversy
Steven Lovegrove backtracks furiously in MoD teleconference interview
Common Purpose and positive discrimination are destroying British organisations