UK Column News - 22nd June 2016

START   the indefatigable Panama Papers psyop continues
3:10       paracetamol linked to a crisis of empathy in adults
7:20       further investigation leads to Autism epidemic links
11:00     plethora of alternative pain relief remedies available
12:20     death of vulnerable child returned to abusive father
13:40     warmongerers in America pursue Syrian redirection
15:30     #EUReferendumPsyOp reaches its dire finale at last
17:00     electoral commissioner : postal voting fraud is ‘easy’
17:40     analysis of Plymouth Remain canvassing literature
24:00     treasonous dissolution of the British Armed Forces
28:10     diversion tactics as Boris is primed to become PM
29:50     the incredible statements of one Benjamin Barber
34:20     a Global Parliament of Mayors & Resilient Cities
37:10     suspicious financial backers of top Conservatives
41:30     death threats for MPs at end phases of EU psyop