UK Column News - 22nd July 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Scott, including: START Soros : the Last Chance to Fix EU Refugee Policy 02:16 Human Rights & Democracy Reports of Subterfuge 03:45 Analey ‘very concerned’ terror legislation Quells Dissent 05:19 …whilst Harriet Harman struggles to even define ‘Terrorism’ 08:41 GCHQ operation ‘Milkwhite’ gathered social media information 10:37 Fearmongering over ISIS ‘door-to-door’ Massacre in rural Britain 11:29 Claude Moniquet - source of the ‘House-to-House Rampage’ fears 14:02 SECRET POLICE : British security forces terror-drill by the Studio 18:14 Carer shot in the leg, ‘Why did you shoot me officer?’ - ‘I don’t know.’ 19:25 ‘These people seem to think that the public are the terrorist threat…’ 21:14 Reframed Police & UK Security Services ‘Acting Beyond Authority’ 23:27 Government by Intimidation : the Oxford definition of Terrorism 24:51 Conflict, Intrigue & Factionalism in Exaro prior to its shutdown 26:45 Embassies linked into Child Trafficking, Organ Harvesting etc 28:26 £1.8 Million Scottish abuse-inquiry : a wildly expensive fig-leaf 30:19 The Secret Docherty Report which sparked relentless persecution 31:48 NHS : Voice Recording of Phyllis Smart - author of the Report… 34:36 Children Stolen by the State : & yet somehow no-one is responsible? 37:51 Nicola Sturgeon & the Union - Scottish public opinion over Trident 40:20 The New Chancellor of the Exchequer : one Philip Hammond MP 42:12 IMF Lies & Record | Cashless Society | JP Morgan | EU | SNP