UK Column News - 22nd January 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – Davos: child ‘prodigy’ Greta lectures the world again…
Mark Carnage also puts his foot down and dictates new rules
Bloomberg doom and gloom: new green section on their website
US President Trump denounces fear and doubt: ‘reject the prophets of doom’
President Trump speaks common sense again
08:00 – Boris meets with Russia’s President Putin
Russia’s Peskov: talks ‘quite constructive’ with ‘elements of a conciliatory nature’
12:10 – Stefan Sutherland case update: detectives are now reviewing his death  
UK Column article 2017: Stefan Sutherland – the unanswered questions
14:59 – Cameron’s Best of Both Worlds paper becomes reality
Europe Day – 9 May: shaping the conference on the future of Europe
Germany’s Gunnar Beck (AfD) speaks out in the EU parliament 
20:01 – Online Harms: age appropriate design – a code of practice for online services
UK systems are keeping in sync with the EU…
Children are suddenly in the spotlight of the government
25:03 – BBC: what happens when we’re too old to be ‘useful’…?
BBC drifts the idea that killing elederly people is the way to go…
BBC article is available for all age groups to read
Retirement itself to be ‘retired’…?
BBC’s quoted ‘experts’ proposals wholeheartedly rejected by indigenous people
BBC article: who needs grandma when we have schools and Wikipedia…
Young people today are taught that older people are stealing their futures
34:47 – Copyright: UK Column gets a strike from YouTube for news clip
Who are copyright owners Passion Distribution…?
BBC content now produced by commercial organisations with no public discussion
37:08 – BBC: super-rich elite making London ‘off-limits’ (says the Sutton Trust)
Meet the people: who are the Sutton Trust executives…?
Good news: BBC Group annual report released – cracks appearing…?