UK Column News - 22nd February 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and David Ellis with today's UK Column News.

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START – The Blair Effect: Teflon Tony appears in Holyrood magazine
Blair speaks at the Technical University of Munich, Germany
Blair talks about ‘our’ defence…who is he referencing…?
Similar words from Gavin Williamson (minister for war) earlier this week
Jeremy Hunt also uses same language…are the Tories persuing Blairite policy…?
British MPs would not hold their seats if they didn’t stand behind HM Armed Forces
The public need to start seriously questioning their MPs about EU military union
EU’s Juncker: military union is a condition of any future relationship with the UK…
Brexit…no exit – the tories are complicit in giving away control of British military
13:53 – Israel: Visegrad Summit cancelled after Poland pulls out over racism row
Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu: a one-man parliament…?
Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki: tens of thousands of Poles aided Jews
17:25 – Ukraine: Foreign & Commonwealth Office propaganda continues
Independent Sovereign state…? We do not approve…
Propaganda film recommendation: HG Wells – The Shape of Things to Come
The case for war against Russia is being made…a global positioning shift
EU military union being setup to attack Russia…?
EU-League of Arab States summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt – 24-25 February
26:19 – UK: countering drones – let’s have a competition…fly a drone, get a medal
Next generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) training underway – PHDs on offer
Training not just for British citizens…ethics at the core of training…?
Alternative View 9.1 DVDs now available from UK Column website
5G and Smart Meter impact talk: Buckfastleigh, Devon – tonight at 19:30
32:14 – NATO report: responding to cognitive security challenges
Is this another excuse to shut down social media…?
36:09 – Atlantic Council’s Disinfo Week Europe: 4-8 March 2019
DCMS Select Committee Chair Damian Collins to take part
Digital Services Tax will include social media platforms…
38:22 – Scotland: Mum’s suicide after identifying rapist as Stefan Sutherland’s murderer
Is the murderer being protected by Scottish Police – a deliberate cover-up…?
UK Column article – Stefan Sutherland: the unanswered questions
42:19 – Pope calls for ‘concrete measures’ as summit on clergy sexual abuse begins
The horrendous abuse of children: estimates are that 7% of RC clergy have abused