UK Column News - 22nd August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson, including: START Ex-Roman Catholic Priest Arrested in Kosovo for Abuse 02:17 Silence from Policing Ministers on Whistleblower Interview 04:23 The Health of Hillary Clinton : ‘Is this a sane, robust woman?’ 07:31 Asset Stripping : Royal Navy Inc. sells refurbished HMS Diligent 10:52 Conservative Infighting & Distractions : FS Boris, TTIP, & Brexit 12:34 Various impoverished & war-torn countries juxtaposed with the UK 18:57 ‘The Forgotten, Endless War in Yemen,’ Geopolitical Intrigue Kills 20:45 MI5 Blocked Arrest of ISIS Supporter Anjem Choudary - for years 25:32 ‘Independent’ QC says ‘Bulk Powers’ are of ‘vital utility’ to Britain 29:53 T R A I T O R : Jeremy Corbyn advocates Constitutional Reform 32:49 Sturgeon & her constituency, the ‘Most Violent Area of Glasgow…’ 36:15 “A local authority has the power to do anything.” - John Tradewell