UK Column News - 21st September 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – Brexit: Treason May speaks at Salzburg 2018
BBC gets the first question in…fake choice of journalist for questions…?
The breakdown of Treason May ...just like Hillary Clinton…?
Donald Tusk creates a further charade for the public
Who is Ollie Robbins – Treason May’s handler…?
10:14 – RUSI: the truth behind the EU’s creation and infiltration into Britain
A dictatorship coming…?
Perth, Scotland: normalising military on the streets of Britain…?
21:22 – EU’s Monnet: towards the super state without the people understanding
Educational and social propaganda to be undertaken against European population
Book recommendation – The EU: A Corporatist Racket by David Barnby
26:26 – Free speech: social media under immense attack from think tanks
Cultural Marxism is fine...anything else must be silenced
Political voices will also be censored: politicians to undergo psychiatric tests…?
A different political viewpoint…? You are literally insane…
The Frankfurt School and Soviet ideas becoming a reality
Pop stars and film stars opinions now more inportant than politicians
33:26 – Defence: shutdown to drive EU nuclear deterrent as predicted by UKC
EU to take over Britain’s military and nuclear capability in totality…
36:06 – Playing Blackjack: the ‘enemy’ still being created for public consumption
Gavin Williamson: Russian bombers ‘probing UK airspace...serious military challenge’
New £250 million ‘cyber force’ unit to combat ‘terrorists and criminal gangs’
Going after paedophiles but still cannot investigate Westminster…
BBC promotes terrorists as ‘fighters’ - propaganda on full throttle
Russian ‘danger’ is a dog and pony show
44:09 – Ruth Davidson MSP: new book – Yes She Can…
Psychological problems treated with pills...should she undergo psychiatric tests…?
Davidson reveals serious mental health problems but is immune from Social Services
Psychiatric system being used as a political weapon
50:19 – Oh the irony: Chatham House – Brexit must be stopped democratically…