UK Column News - 21st November 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – Treason May in Brussels today meeting EU officials
Veterans for Britain: open revolt against process of EU military unification
‘EU Army’ is a disingenuous and misleading term being used as a descriptive
Retired British Colonel Richard Kemp clearly sees the dangers
Mogherini: yesterday ministers took another major step to build the EU of defence…
EU military can deploy internally within EU zone…maybe Britain
Lord Tebbit warned of this at the start of the Brexit vote leave period
EU-NATO relationship: NATO to be armed with ‘less-lethal’ weapons
NATO has admitted that these weapons can cause fatal injuries
Mogherini: we need to merge military and policing functions…
November 2018: Baton round used for first time by Police in Britain
The trend: armed quasi-military Police on the way
Public need to understand the danger of military union: no recourse to Parliament
A fascist Fourth-Reich state being built…?
Stoltenberg: unprecedented level of union between the EU and NATO…
28:04 – No change to Op Althea shoulder insignia – EU badge still to be worn…?
Uncovering a can of worms - someone is telling porkies here…
32:56 – Alternative View 9.1 conference: Democracy in Chains – 2 December, London
David Noakes: GcMAF trial continues at Southwark Crown Court
Sabine McNeill (child abuse campaigner) also on trial at Southwark Crown Court
Melanie Shaw still held in HMP Styal after 18 months in solitary confinement
35:47 – BBC Newsnight: vaccine critics are a ‘virus’
Professor Christopher Exley writes to the BBC to point out the program’s bias…
BBC’s Colin Tregear: happy to meet with trans complainants…no meeting on vaccines
BBC have a specific agenda – it’s becoming more obvious by the day